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Sam has the perfect life, or does she?  When her life is turned upside down and she develops feelings for her sister's best friend, will she put aside her fear and follow her heart?  Sometimes love finds us when we least expect it.


She faces a devistating loss and overwhelming guilt.  Her sister Shawn, and Shawn's best friend Jenna, step in to help.  When Sam begins to realize she has feelings for Jenna, will her guilt and fear keep her from following her heart?



Shawn Evans has finally allowed someone inside the thick walls she has used to protect herself for many years.  Rebecca John's somehow managed to crack Shawn's fortress and now the two of them are preparing for the birth of their baby.  Just when Shawn is starting to trust that she can truly be happy, life throws a wrench in the plan.


Sam Evans is dealing with her own pain caused by her parents rejection of her, and more painfully, her son.  Can she be strong enough to help her sister through the darkness and deal with her own pain?

Book no.2
Book no.1
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